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City information Belgrade

City information BelgradeLocation:

Belgrade is situated on the Balkan in the South-Eastern part of Europe.

In Belgrade the river Sava joins the river Danube, and this river is aslo well known as the Donau. The old city centre of Belgrade is called 'stari grad' and it is located at the South side of the Sava and at the West side of the Danube. The highest point in the old city centre is a hill overlooking both rivers. On top of this hill you will find Kalemegdan fortress which in the past was a strategic important fortress overlooking both rivers.

Belgrade is located at an average altitude of 116,75 m.


The climate in Belgrade is moderate continental. Autumn is well known for long, warm and sunny periods. Spring usually lasts shorter than Autumn and weather changes are more frequently in spring with sometimes heavy rain. Although heavy snowfall can occure the average winters only has 21 days with temperatures below zero. The summer is nice and warm with little rain except from some heavy thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

Put on a warm coat in January because this is the coldest month with an average temperature of 0.4 degrees celcius. On average the annual air temperature is around 12 degrees celcius.

Another typical thing about the climate in Belgrade is the so called Košava. Wind blowing from the south east bringing clear and dry weather. Expect the Košava mostly in autumn and winter.

size and municipalities:

The size of Belgrade is 322.268 ha, the city is administratively divided into 17 municipalities:

Urban municipalities:
Čukarica, Voždovac, Vračar, Novi Beograd, Palilula, Rakovica, Savski venac, Stari grad, Zemun, Zvezdara.

Suburban municipalities:
Barajevo, Grocka, Lazarevac, Obrenovac, Mladenovac, Sopot, Surčin.

In 2002 there were 1.576.124 people living in Belgrade.
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