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Guca is a small village in a Western part of Serbia called Dragacevo. 360 days of the year it is a quiet and lovely small village with only 3000 inhabitants. But it is famous for those other 5 days. Almost half a million!! people visit the famous Guca trumpeters festival. It is completely dedicated to trumpet music. Gypsy music, traditional Serbian music and brass bands, you name it, they play it as long as the performers can use their trumpets. Together with plum brandy and grilled meat it is one big happening.

2006 is already the 46th gathering of trumpet lovers, check the Guca Brass bands music festival website for the agenda. Turn up the volume of your speakers if you really like trumpets (at least in this 2006 link).

Use this
road map if you want to drive to Guca in your own car. According to their information they have some small parking and traffic problems in this village during this festival, duh... 3000 versus 500.000 once a year.
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