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Parking in Belgrade

Parking in BelgradeParking in Belgrade, modern and easy.

The city center is divided into 3 zones with limited staying time. In these areas you have to pay for parking space between 07.00 and 21.00 from Monday to Friday. On Saturday you have to pay between 07.00 and 14.00.

There are three different zones;

Red zone: maximum parking time 60 minutes
Yellow zone: maximum parking time 120 minutes
Green zone: maximum parking time 180 minutes

After reaching the maximum parking time you have to leave the parking space.

Every zone is visibly marked. In the red zonde the tariff is 35 dinars per hour, in the yellow zone 25 dinars and in the green zone 20 dinars.

There are two ways to pay for parking space;

Buy a parking ticket at a kiosk (almost on every streetcorner).
Pay with your mobile phone.

The second option makes this parking system modern and easy. Just look in which zone you are, and send an SMS. The parking fee will be added to your telephone bill, or deducted from you prepay card.

In your SMS you only have to write the plate number of your car, without spaces. Depending on the zone you send this SMS to 9111 (zone 1), 9112 (zone 2) or 9113 (zone 3). After a few seconds you get an SMS which confirms your payment. And 5 minutes before the end of your parking time you get a reminder by SMS.

There are many parking officers, they check cars with their small portable computer, the chance that they catch you if you do not pay is high. The fine will be around 1.500 dinar and if you have bad luck they send the so called 'spider'. Your car will be towed away. Besides from the fine and tow costs you can be sure it takes you a couple of hours to find your car and get it back.

If you still don't understand it and you want to read the long explanation just check this 'parking in Belgrade' website.
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