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Serbian Vegetarian Dishes

Cottage Cheese Croquettes

250 gr. cottage cheese
75 gr. butter
4 eggs
teaspoon salt
80 gr. all purpose flour
350 gr. breadcrumbs
oil for deep frying

Mix the cottage cheese with the butter and two eggs, add salt and mix everything well. Add the all purpose flour and knead it completely through the cheese mixture.
Put the mixture in the fridge for two hours so it becomes more firm which makes it easier to form croquettes or balls of it.
Beat the other two eggs slightly and put the breadcrumbs on a large plate. Form croquettes or balls and roll them through the eggs and then through the breadcrumbs. For a more crusty outside layer repeat this a second time.
Let the croquettes/cheese balls cool down in the frigde and fry them in well heated oil, about 180 degrees Celsius.

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