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weblog Serbia Sept 06Today we celebrated Yde's birthday. Noise, fun and cake, children running around everywhere. And the parents were enjoying Serbian home made plumb brandy! We are by now desperately waiting for our cable connection. Pictures and more stories will be only uploaded if we have a normal connection instead of this lame modem!!! connection. Please keep the site in your favourites, it will get more updates ... :) (posted by Jitze, 23/09/06)
Like the good old days in Kazakhstan. We are using a dialup modem to establish internet connection!! I almost forgot how slow internet can be without a good connection. Anyhow, I am back with the car and today we celebrated Christina's birthday. A nice guy came this morning to install our satellite receiver. He had to climb the roof, dangerous because it was windy. But it works, dutch television at our home. And my present for Christina also arrived today; a nice fujitsu siemens amilo laptop. I am using this new laptop right now because I don't even have a modem in any of my other computers. (posted by Jitze, 16/09/06)
A short update, we do not have internet at our house. After leaving our hotel we moved into our house and everything went fine besides from getting our cable connection. For more than one week we are already waiting. The company promised to install everything very quickly, but that means at least 10 days in Serbia I guess.

I am writing this at Addy's house. Today I flew via Prague to the Netherlands, because our new car arrived. Tommorow loading some stuff, buying extra groceries and Thursday back to Belgrade via Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Just wait for our weblog updates after we get internet connection (grrmbll). (posted by Jitze, 12/09/06)

p.s. Saturday: Christina's birthday, next Tuesday Yde's birthday.
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