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Budva, Montenegro

Budva, MontenegroIn April 2009 one of our friends visited. I had to go to Montenegro for my work and we used this opportunity to visit Budva. People already told me many times that I should visit the Montenegro coast. This time we arrived on a Sunday, we rented a nice new toyota yaris for only 50 euro's and we drove around. And it's true, the Montenegrin coast and the cities located at the coast are set in an amazing landscape. Steep hills just behind the blue water of the Adriatic see. The cities are old with a rich history and well preserved. These pictures were taken without even searching for good spots.

If you visit the region as a tourist I think the Montenegrin coast or the Croatian cost would be a good choice. Croatia is bigger, but maybe Montenegro is still more authentic. On the other side, people told me that at this moment a lot of foreign investors (mainly Russian) are buying and developing plots along the coast in Montenegro. I hope they will still try to protect some nice spots instead of filling it up with appartments and hotels. Of course the hotels are needed but sometimes they ruin the view.

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