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Thailand Flora and Fauna

Thailand is well known for it's rich variety of flora and fauna.

The fauna variety is amazing with 300 mammal species, 313 reptiles, 107 amphibians, more than 1000 bird species (10% of the world total known species), insects an estimated 6000.

In Thailand there are three types of tropical forest: monsoon forest, rain forest and mangrove forest. In the North and on high peaks you can find pine forest as well. The country is famous for it's flora with almost every tropical fruit tree within it's borders, furthermore you can find many different bamboo species and over 27.000 different flowering species.

We like to make pictures of these beautiful animals, insects, flowers and other things we see when travelling through Thailand. I will try to figure out their correct names and publish these pictures on our website.

If we don't know what it is or if we describe it wrong, don't hesitate to mail us with the correct description.

Have fun watching these pictures.

Posted by Jitze, 16/01/11
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