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Weblog Serbia Feb 07

What do our children like to watch on tv? Although we have a satellite connection so they can watch Dutch programmes they always ask for Baby TV Channel which we receive through the cable. So I checked out the website and it's really nice. Vibeke's favorite is Baby Chef, recipies for little children. We haven't tried them yet but we will, wearing her apron from Korea she will be our Baby Sure (that's what she calls the Baby Chef). (posted by Christina, 27/02/2007)
A colleague told me about his weekend destination, the old village of Sirogojno. Is is located close to Uzice, some 4 hours driving from Belgrade. Both websites look good, they give tourists more info than many other websites about destinations in Serbia. We will also go there soon. We will explore cities further away from Belgrade but only if the weather gets more nice and warm. (posted by Jitze, 24/02/07)
Do you also receive a lot of spam email? Look at this movie and you will never delete your next spam that easily again.!! (posted by Jitze, 19/02/07)
Added: city of Zrenjanin. We visited this city today and already now pictures and info (new record only 1 1/2 hour after returning published!) (posted by Jitze, 17/02/07)
Ah, I already wanted to add this picture earlier because of the previous posting regarding happy Dutch children. Does he look happy or does he look like an airport?? :) (posted by Jitze, 17/02/07)

So far we ony heard about concerts via newspapers or billboards. But this commercial bilet service is good for checking upcoming events. Besides from checking events you can order concert tickets online. Unfortunately the website doesn't have an English section but with some guessing you can still order everything.

Interesting upcoming events according to me:
Iron Maiden: 14.03.2007, Chemical Brothers 13.06.2007 (posted by Jitze, 17/02/07)
If you need cheap accomodation in Belgrade the chillton hostel might be a good alternative. Judging from their website it looks like a nice place and I guess almost everyone can affort 10 euro's per night. (posted by Jitze, 17/02/07)
Good news for us? Our children should be very happy according to this article but is this only true if they are raised in the Netherlands?? Now I start to worry :) Should we leave Serbia to make sure they are happy? I hope it is all about how you raise children instead of where you raise them. (posted by Jitze, 14/02/07)
Belgrade's 35th international film festival, will starts on February 23 untill March 4 and it has a good selection of interesting. Of course the Netherlands is also represented at the Belgrade film festival with this movie:

THE BLACK BOOK (ZWARTBOEK) Belgium/Germany/Netherlands/United Kingdom, 2006
Directed by: Paul Verhoeven;
Cast overview: Carice van Houten, Sebastian Koch, Thom Hoffman,Halina Reijn
Showing: Sava Centar, 04.03 at 17:00h;
Group: Horizons ... details

A Paul Verhoeven production in Belgrade and I have heard that it is a good movie too. So if you live in Belgrade and you are reading this, going to this movie should be an evening well spend . (posted by Jitze, 14/02/07)
Everything is going fine, but we just did not seem to have time to write anything about Belgrade and Serbia. We will gather new info and start posting this week again.

Even worse, last Saturday we made a day trip and we even crossed the border with Rumania. We brought our camera with us but we did not take pictures. Shame on us, just wait for the updates. (posted by Jitze, 07/02/07)
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