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weblog Serbia Jan 07

And of course today more news coverage regarding the parliament elections in Serbia. A Dutch reporter was talking in front of the government building in the center of Belgrade. And this is how it looks behind the camera. Being a journalist must be boring, they wait for hours in order to talk for one minute.

It was not busy over there when I took this picture at 21.30 but the voting results are not known yet. I think they will present more information around midnight but I think am not going to wait over there to try to get on television. (posted by Jitze, 21/01/07)
Parliament elections in Serbia coming Sunday and this evening it was already mentioned on the main Dutch news 'journaal'. They even send a reporter. Because elections are always confusing, both predictions and results I will try to make you more confused with a card trick. If you don't like politics, play card tricks. It is almost the same I guess.

Click here for the card trick (open or save). It is just a powerpoint file, virus free.

Well, what do you think of the trick, do you understand it or do you believe that I am a wizzard? Anyhow, if you think it's a good trick please tell all your friends to visit www.zofona.com. (posted by Jitze, 19/01/07)
Added to our site: the city of Indjija (or Indija with a strange d). While searching for websites about this city I bumped into something connected to the previous posting. There is a complete Fruska Gora wine route and more of them in different regions of Serbia. This sounds interesting and for sure we are going back this summer to make an intensive Riesling study. Who wants to drive us? (posted by Jitze, 17/01/07)
Last weekend the weather was great. On Saturday we did not leave the house because it was already pleasant to work a little bit in our garden. To be honest, I did not do much but Christina and Yde were busy. In Belgrade it the same like in the rest of Europe, strange weather in January with no snow at all. On Sunday afternoon we decided to visit some famous monastries in the Fruska Gora region, these monastries are located only 20 kilometers South West of Novi Sad and surrounded by beautiful hills.

Because we left in the afternoon we only had enough time to visit two monastries, but that's enough for one trip. The chapels of the monastries are decorated with great fresco's. You can enter those monastries without much restrictions (in summertime, no shorts etc.). They sell candles and other religious items but at one monastry they also sold monastry wine. I did not bring my wallet but next time I want to try it, it might be good wine, you never know.

Fresco's on the ceiling of a monastry

On our way back we stopped at a small city called Sremski Karlovci. It has some very nice buildings in the center and apparantly a touris organisation. Sremski Karlovci is located close to the Donau. According to that same tourist website they produce world famous wines. I have to admit I never heard of Karlovacki Rizling before I found a bottle in a small shop over there and information on this website.

Pedestrian zone in Sremski Karlovci

It must be more crowded in summertime when many people escape the city heat by going to their summer houses in the hills around Sremski Karlovci to enjoy splendid river view. But it is also worth to park your car there if you just want to eat or drink something before going back home.(posted by Jitze, 16/01/07)
Jitze came home yesterday and gave me a magazine, BelGuest. He said: "Nice articles, you should read it". Busy with other things I did not pick it up immediately so he opened it for me and showed me the article about the Christmas Bazaar. At the top they placed 6 pictures made at the bazaar and I'm on one of it. Dressing up in a traditional Dutch costume was not a bad idea to promote our goods and our country, The Netherlands.
(posted by Christina, 11/01/07)
I'm still pleasantly surprised that Belgrade hosts a lot of cultural events. Now I saw the add for a Guitar Art Festival. From February 11 till February 18, 2007, you can enjoy the best guitar music performed by artists like Tommy Emmanuel, Vladimir Gorbach, Pepe Romero and many others. Check the websites to see where and when the concerts, master classes and related activities are held or call 011/2769840 (Belgrade) for information. (posted by Christina, 10/01/07)
And we are back in Belgrade, this time we took a rest in Austria but again it was an easy trip. Distance maybe 10 km more because of the stopover. Unfortunately our boiler refused to work, but even on Orthodox Christmas our friendly landlord came to fix the problem. Thank you very much Nash ;) (posted by Jitze, 07/01/07)
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