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Weblog Serbia Sept Oct 07

Look at this, Yde and Vibeke in Halloween outfit. After school they had a Halloween parade and especially Yde draw lot's of attention with his transformer outfit. (posted by Jitze, 26/10/07)
Today it is my turn to write something and my main topic at this moment is our water turtle Harry. Last week Harry got pneumonia and needed treatment. It took me a while to find out where you can go with a sick water turtle because our regular vet said she doesn't know anything about reptiles and she also did not know where to go then. My first choise was to call the veterinary faculty because I suppose they also have to teach students something about reptiles too, if they do not they maybe know where I can go with Harry. After calling the faculty the children, Mina and I drove to the Ambulantna Klinika located behind the veterinary faculty. We waited for a while and then a doctor called us in. The doctor asked the children if it was their pet and what was wrong. We showed Harry and he was indeed diagnosed with pneumonia. The doctor promised the children that he would take good care of Harry and gave him two injections. During the weekend I went with Harry (who actually seemed to be a female turtle) for treatment and now she is doing much better. Today we will also meet a professor specialized in reptiles and all the questions I have will be answered.
(posted by Christina, 22/10/07)
Two months of doing nothing and immediately I want to compensate. We arrived back home two hours ago and the Subotica page is already online. These pictures were made today and Subotica is a very nice destination, we will go back for a long weekend. (posted by Jitze, 21/10/07)
And the first proof of logging, I was searching for Subotica because we want to go there today. This city is located close to the Hungarian border, according to travel guides the atmosphere therefore is quite different from other Serbian cities, just more Hungarian I guess.

To my surprise I found a new (or new look?) website which looks great and deals with tourism in Serbia. www.serbia-visit.com

Competition for our website? Of course not, we are doing it for fun without sponsoring, they do it for a living or at least with French money involved. I don't care, it is nice to find a site like this which puts Serbia in another perspective than the one dealing with the past. (posted by Jitze, 21/10/07)
We will start logging again.

After two months of silence, and a year with relatively few postings we want to write more. It is not like nothing is happening here, Belgrade is definately not boring at all. Probably we have too much on our hands to think of the weblog. If you want to contribute to our log, feel free. (posted by Jitze, 21/10/07)
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