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Korean Gift Shopping


Choosing a nice gift is not an easy task. Especially if you are looking for original gifts. We try to help you by presenting authentical Korean gifts in our online gift store.

We selected Korean decorative items and Korean exclusive musical instruments. These instruments are by the way not only decorative, you can play them and experience their original sound.We check every item personally to guarantee you quality and value for money. Every instrument is handmade!

If you are looking for any other typical Korean item we offer you our unique search service. This service is only available for items with an estimated selling price of USD 250,- or higher excluding shipping costs. It is important to describe the product you are looking for as detailed as possible. Please include the price range which you are willing to pay for the item. If we find what you are looking for we will send you our price quotation. If you agree we will your item.

Shippng costs are not included in the prices mentioned. If you order a gift we will send you an email with payment details including specification of costs (depending on destination, size, weight). After receiving your payment we send the item within 3 working days. If we are not able to proceed your order we will inform you accordingly.

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