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Ansan City

Ansan CityMore information:

Welcome to Ansan City

Ansant is a historic city but you would not know it untill you look better. Nowadays it is a new city with industry everywhere as well as appartment buildings.In 1976, the government started to development Banwol new town with a population into a city with more than 1 million citizens. Although the first look might not be attractive it has lots of parks, it's a green city.

Although close to Seoul Ansan is different in the eyes of foreign visitors. You will find things to be very "Korean", without foreign influences you might expect. If you want to visit a typical suburb city to get an impression on how millions of Koreans live, give it a try.

Dimensions : --
Population : around 1 million
Climate : Annual average temperature (degrees celsius): 11.8, high 37.3, low -20.1
Average annual rainfall: 1285 mm

Important Cultural festival : Bulmang Art Festival, Jukkeumgol Cherry Blossom Festival

Historic relics : Tomb of Lee Ik, Ojung Pavilion

Getting there:
- Take the expressway bus for Ansan at Incheon int'l Airport and get off at Ansan bus terminal (30 minutes).
- Take subway at Seoul station for Ansan, line number 4 and get off at Jungang or Gojan. It takes about one and a half hour.

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