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Ginseng Recipies

How to use Ginseng

Kinds of Ginseng

# Fresh Ginseng is Ginseng which is not processed.

# White Ginseng is processed and dried. This Ginseng is about 4 years old and skinned off.

# Red Ginseng is the steamed and dried brown or Red Ginseng which is 4 to 6 years old. In the process of steaming/drying, humidity is removed from the Ginseng. Red Ginseng can be stored for up to 10 years and it contains 8 kinds of new substances which are beneficial to the human body such as G-Rh2 and Malto1. Red Ginseng is 10 times more effective than White Ginseng because the human body absorbs it in an oustanding way.

What to do with fresh Ginseng

First of all, I need to tell you, when you boil Ginseng do not use metal containers or pots. The effective substances of Ginseng can have a chemical reaction on metal. Use earthenware or glassware instead. Before boiling Ginseng always remove the stem butt .

A few simple recipies with Ginseng

Boiling Ginseng
Boil one or two roots of fresh Ginseng in the water of three or four cups. When the water starts to seethe, reduce the flame and brew up the Ginseng roots on a weak flame for about three hours. The amount of water can be adjusted depending on the desired degree of concentration. When you boil Ginseng a lot of foams generate due to the substance of saponin.
Drink the brewed Ginseng water when it is warm. If the concentration is thick, take a small amount and add some fresh warm water. Ofcourse children are allowed to drink it but use then less Ginseng water and add more fresh water. Please do not drink to much Ginseng water per day because too much is also not good.

Fresh Ginseng in Milk
Rinse 20 g. of fresh Ginseng thoroughly and grind it in a mortar or blender. Put the Ginseng into 180 ml. milk and the Ginseng milk is ready. You can drink this milk in the morning when your stomach is empty and before or after drinking alcohol. Probably it avoids the risk of getting a hang-over, but I'm not completely sure about that.

Fresh Ginseng in Honey
Wash 750 g. of fresh Ginseng and slice it into 2mm. thick slices. Then steam the slices for about 30 minutes. You can also dry the slices in the sun but that will take longer. Mix the steamed or dried slices of Ginseng with 1.8 liter honey and put it into a plastic container. Put the Ginseng-Honey mixture in the freezer and it will be ready for use.
I haven't tried this myself but I asume that the Honey-Ginseng mixture will not freeze, otherwise you should make small portions.

Recycling Boiled Ginseng and Disposal
This is about using the Ginseng you used already one or two times for making a Ginseng brew. When you use recycled Ginseng put always some fresh Gingseng with it. The following brew you can make with recycled Ginseng.

Clean about 200 g. of fresh Ginseng or some recycled Ginseng + 100 g. fresh Ginseng. Put it together with 10 dades and 3 pieces of ginger root in a glassware/stoneware pot and cook it for 2 hours on a medium fire. Let it cool down a bit and it is ready for use. You can always add some honey to taste.

About the disposal of used Ginseng I can be short, dry it, grind it and use it as a fertilizer for flowers and plants.

Processed Ginseng Products
When you take processed Ginseng Products like Ginseng Tea, Ginseng Extracts and Ginseng Capsules read the instructions well. Ginseng tea and extracts can be mixed with warm water and you are allowed to add some honey. Ginseng products in honey or Ginseng capsules should be taken without anything added.

How to store Ginseng

# Dry Ginseng (White Ginseng and Root Curbed Ginseng)
Keep them in a dry place wher ventilation is well done. Fungi can grow on Ginsengs during the rainy season or in a humid place. Fungi does not affect the effect of the Ginsengs.

# Ginseng Extracts or Powders
Keep them in a sealed container in a dry and cool place. Coagulation of Ginseng can occur in a hot and humid place, so keep them in a cool and dry place, and be sure to close the cover of the container after use.

# Undried (Fresh) Ginseng
Keep fresh Ginsengs always in a cool refrigerator at the temperature of 0.5 degrees Celsius. They can rotten after ten days, so make sure that you use them within two weeks after purchase.

Keep in Mind:
Ginseng is a very healthy product but too much of it can cause problems aswell. When you have health problems and you want to use Ginseng as a medicine, first see a doctor and ask if the use of Ginseng is good for you. The use of Ginseng can be dangerous for people with high blood presure and heart problems.

Written by Christina, 24/10/05
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