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SsangYong Actyon

The SsangYong Actyon, their second new SUV introduction this year. I already wrote about the SsangYong Kyron and it was not very positive because I think the design, especially the back of the car, just sucks.

In the Korea Herald of Friday 14 October it was mentioned that SsangYong introduced the Actyon on October 13.

The article starts with: new SUV's rollout to stimulate market.

It appears that less than 160.000 SUV's were sold in South Korea the nine months to September, down 20 procent from last year. The five-passenger SsangYong Actyon should give sales a boost. This car probably replaces the outdated SsangYong Korando although SsangYong did not confirm this rumour.

The SsangYong Actyon should compete with other compact five passenger cars like the New Kia Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson. SsangYong expects to export the Actyon to Europe somewhere in the second half of next year.

I will chase the real Actyon, If necessary I will throw myself in front of an Actyon in order to get a real picture. One question remains, will it sell? The more I look at the car, the more I think this car looks like an Ostrich. Ready to put it's head in the mud. Somehow the nose is pointed too much downward. I guess a little bit like like a drag racer without actual racing capacity. (posted by Jitze (08/11/05)

update December 12, 2005

I went to a SsangYong dealer to take these pictures. The first thing I noticed was the car being higher than I expected from the previous pictures. The red SsangYong did not had a sunroof like the 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe which I also tried today. Therefore I fitted better in this car than in the Hyundai. I am 190 cm. tall and there was plenty of space left between me and the ceiling. If you look at the not so tall Korean guy at the backside of the car you get an idea of the height of the car. The ground clearance looked enough for some basic 4x4 work, but I don't expect miracles. (posted by Jitze (12/12/05)

new pictures

previous pictures
These are the first pictures, two of them are promotional pictures, the third is a picture from the newspaper. As soon as I see a demo car somewhere I will add more pictures and give my comments on the design. You never know, maybe I like this car better than the Kyron but I will not promise anything.

Price indication on the Korean market:

Two-wheel drive with manual transmission: between 17 and 19.8 million won. (16.171 - 18.829 USD, 13.547 - 15.776 EUR). Conversion rate October 18, 2005.

Four-wheel drive automatic transmission: 25.8 million won.
(24.532 USD, 20.564 EUR). Conversion rate October 18, 2005.

SsangYong's sales plummeted 30 procent this year despite the introduction of the Kyron in June. Maybe everyone was reading my comment on the Kyron. At least I will suffer less visual pollution this way. (posted by Jitze (18/10/05)

previous pictures from a brochure

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