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SsangYong Kyron

The new SsangYong Kyron
Typical Korean design although Ken Greenly, former head of the Royal College of Art in Londen was involved in developing the Kyron. Now you know why he is a former head. Look for example at those strange backlights. It reminds me of antique lanterns. Pictures of these cars were taken on June 12 in front of the Techno Mart in Seoul. Maybe it was too hot but not many people were interested in the demo models when I took the pictures.

Ssangyong website in Dutch

In this Dutch article it is mentioned that in Seoul only the concept car was introduced. In the same article they also mention that it went into production as 5 and 7 seater in Korea, how can a concept car be a production car? Anyhow, these cars already have their temporarily registration (white plates) before they get normal green plates. Why would you register a concept car?

The official introduction will be in September at the IAA exhibition in Frankfurt. Our site beats this introduction by far. :)
posted by Jitze (12/06/05)

Update, some more Ssangyong.

Official Ssangyong website, introduction Kyron

Another Ssangyong which does not cease to amaze me although it infested the roads here some time ago. It's the Ssangyong Rodius or Stavic, it looks like they added a complete dormer window on the back of that car. It should be called Rodent instead.

Official Ssangyong website, Rodius
posted by Jitze (20/06/05)

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