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weblog Korea July 05

Miniconomy is one of my favorite online games. In this game it is all about becoming the richest trader. But don't worry if you are not a good trader, you can also try to become mayor, politician or even a criminal. I'am playing this game for more than 3 years. It looks a little bit simple for the spoiled game player but try to become a big trader and you will see that it is addictive. The creators finally made an English version. Try Miniconomy and help the creators to further improve the English version (just select English language, create an account and start trading). (posted by Jitze, 31/07/05)
One more week and before we have to fly back to Korea. Just a couple of days ago we discovered that Yde has a child disease, chicken-pox! If he is contagious he will not be allowed on the plane (we checked the airline rules this evening). We are now waiting to see how fast it will dissapear but we guess that Vibeke will also get it soon. It is likely that I have to fly alone and Christina just has to wait and see when it is possible to fly back. (posted by Jitze, 31/07/05)
Our trip to Germany was nice. Driving with Vibeke and Yde was not a problem. Lindau was our first destination. Captain Yde explored the Bodensee, he now wants a boat for his birthday in September!!

Discovering a fake cow in Lindau.

Because of the rain in Lindau we went to Freiburg. It is a city worth visiting. It has a very nice old city centre, and they have a funny open gutter system with water streams everywhere (sorry, I forgot to make a picture).

We are now back in the Netherlands. The weather is nice, probably better than the weather in Seoul at this moment, hehehe.

We did not receive stuff for the weblog, so no links or comments about Korea. But also good news, in August and September we will have 2 Friends coming to Korea. This means two new stories because they have to follow our only visitors rule: write something about your trip to Korea. On our weblog we will inform you when we publish the stories (both Dutch and English). (posted by Jitze, 18/07/05)
Yes!! I found a computer to update our weblog. We arrived safely after a quite flight. Yde behaved very well for a change, but this time Vibeke refused to sleep.

Only after arriving at our house she decided to take a long nap. Addy was waiting for us at our balcony, and Yde recognized the house and Addy immediately. We had to drag him (Yde, hahaha) to his bed because he forgot about most of his toys and he just wanted to rediscover everything.

Anyhow, tommorow we will go to Germany to visit friends. We will probably stay there for 6 days. Bad news for the Korea part of this website, we did not receive mail from guestloggers. (posted by Jitze, 05/07/05)
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