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weblog Korea March 05

Today we went to a very nice indoor playground for more information check out the Kinderand website. It is located near Hwajeong station (316), exit 2. A big building on the left, 5th floor. Yde ran around for 4 hours, climbing and playing with everyone who wanted to play with him in this very well organized playground. He had no time to eat a simple lunch which you can buy there as well. We (Lilly, Vibeke an I) tried pizza and fried rice, and with the meal you get a free drink, always nice. It was really fun but exhausting for all of us. (31/03/05)
I just read an article about Holland in the Korea Times, although not about Korea you can read it under newspapers on Korea. The original article can be found here. (31/03/05)
Another free day, again an opportunity to see something. Because most Koreans had to work today traffic was fine. We went to Chuncheon. Road 46 from Seoul is easy travelling on a regular monday. A nice open city with spacious roads compared to other regional cities. The surrounding area was scenic with the lakes and high mountains. This city also has a lot of cultural activities in spring and summer. (28/03/05) Recommended!
Today we went to the coex shopping mall This huge and crowded mall is located on the southside of the river Han close to the olympic stadium. It is a good place to see what Korean families are up to on a saturday afternoon (eating, shopping and more eating). Yde and Vibeke also attracted quite some attention, blond hair makes Korean women wild :) (26/03/05)
Sorry for the webcam snapshot, just proud to show my two new golden crowns, auch!!! (24/03/05
We lived in Almaty from 1999-2002, but we also visited Kyrgystan and especially the capital Bishkek a lot. Therefore we are following the political situation and developments in Kyrgystan at this moment with more than average interest. Once you lived in a country or visited news about it affect you somehow different. Read more in this newspaper. (24/03/05)

Live traffic cam from Seoul. Once I even saw an accident happening while watching. So if you have nothing to do, keep watching: this camera untill something happens (tell us, lol) (24/03/05)
I just read a stupid article in the Korea Times about how web sites (of embassies) should look like to attract the demanding Korean surfer! As if the site of this Korea Website Institute looks good! Check it out: best site ever?
Hahaha, So now I also want this desirable website quality certification Mark, what do you know, it's already on my site :)

WEB QUAL' Website Quality Certification Mark:

As the number of websites grows at an exponential rate, the quality of a website becomes an increasingly crucial issue for netizens. Site visitors come to judge the value of website to him or her, only after going through time-consuming trials and errors in the course of experiencing the website over a good period of time.

'WEB QUAL' certification mark was introduced to address this problem. Once an organization's website earns the certification mark, the visitors of the website doesn't have to experience trials and errors to tell good sites from bad sites. Websites that display the 'WEB QUAL' logo mean that their quality has been certified to be within the acceptable range, and netizens can enjoy site navigation more efficiently.

In addition, this program will elevate the perceived importance of a website's quality. Thus, it will help organizations pinpoint website problems via regularly scheduled site examinations, and continue to improve the website quality.

But then why is the English content on that perfect site not perfect? (at least we know we are not writing perfect, but you don't see us awarding)(23/03/05)
Ik (Jitze) ben net begonnen aan een verhaal, kijk bij 22 maart 2005.
Surprise, our new look, together with the promise that we will update the site more frequently. And with the invitation to everyone: send stories. (22/03/05)
Earthquake?? We did not feel anything in Seoul although the news mentioned it could be felt here. (20/03/05)
Today we are finishing the site, it should replace www.zofona.com next week. (20/03/05)
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