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August 28: 2002

Hello everyone,

Wednesday, August 28

It took some time but from our house and our unpacked computer finally a new story.

Especially the English stories were not updated for some time because I was too busy with work and when I had some time I had to entertain Yde and Christina. Besides, I did not have a laptop anymore.

But now we moved into our new house. Christina and Yde arrived and after this we only had to wait for two weeks before the moving arrived. Last Thursday and Friday everything was unpacked and arranged, on Sunday we moved into this house.

The moving was not bad, just a little bit damage to a garden table and some glassware but in general everything looked good. Everything was first transported by truck from Kazakhstan to Germany and then by boat to Korea, and we know out of experience that those roads are rather bumpy.

Even better, on Tuesday we were already connected to a nice internet cable. After 3 years Kazakhstan and using an old modem this is really an improvement. So now we are in our house and discovering Seoul when we have time. By car, subway and taxi we did some sightseeing and Christina and Yde are just as impressed by the size of the city as I was when I first arrived. I guess it will take some time before we find our way here, even with a map.

Our house is a very nice house, and it is big. 5 bathrooms, what to do with it, two living rooms, 5 bedrooms, dining and a great kitchen. I like the garden, not too big so I can do the gardening myself. The neigbourhoud is nice and quiet, not much traffic and we are somewhere in the hills just above the city. The smoke and air pollution is less here, lots of trees.

We will now start to discover this new country and update you on a more regular basis just like we did in Kazakhstan. Enjoy it and keep visiting our site.

Jitze, Christina and Yde
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