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October 5: 2003

short update, and looking for writers..
Sunday, October 05, 2003

Because we did not write much lately a short summary of what happened and what we are going to do:

Autumn is here again, after a nice and warm summer it finally starts to get a little bit colder in the evening. In September our friends Anja and Renaud were here, Renaud for business which he combined with celebrating Christinaís birthday, Anja for two weeks of holiday. She also wrote a funny story on Korea and Seoul. Renaud promised to write something, maybe even in English.

It was unexpected but of course great to have two friends at the same time here during those birthdays. Yde, 2 years now! He is getting a big boy by now. He is running through the house, talking (both Dutch and English). He is always happy and playing, he is doing very fine.

And just last week we visited Jeju Island. Itís located south of mainland Korea and it has a nice climate. It is a vulcanic Island, fresh air, palm trees and mandarines. A nice destination if you want to escape overcrowded Seoul.

Next week Christina and Yde will go to the Netherlands. Last time it was August 2002 so after more than one year time for some shopping and holiday. Because of work I have to stay here, but in November I will also go there.

Thatís the short summary, I know itís not much but we donít seem to have time to write long stories every week. Thatís why we are looking for people who want to tell something about Korea, please send us your story. If it is a nice story we will publish it. Tell about your experience, maybe you just visited Korea or you live here, feel free to send something!

Jitze, Christina and Yde
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