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November 19: 2002

Tuesday, November 19

A short update from Seoul, it's not saturday but I found some time to write.

We are doing fine, we now know our way here in Seoul, not every street but we always find our way back to our house. So that's already very good if you consider the size of this city.

Yde is groing so fast and he is walking very good now, he already starts talking, papa, mama and some other words. At this moment he is just a little sick, a cold. Everybody in our house except me (Jitze) did not escape this flue. But probably I will get it later.

We still don't have television, so far we did not buy the receiver for satellite television but we did buy a new car. It's a Hyundai click (what a surprise, a Korean car), in Europe they call it a Hyundai Getz. We now solved our transportation problem. In the summer it was no problem to walk to the market which is not far away from our house but now it's getting too cold to walk everytime with Yde.

And it is getting colder, not like Kazakhstan but last weekend we already had some snow, only 1 centimer but it was snow so it counts. And really, talking about luck, we ran out of oil for our heating system that same weekend. Although this is the third house with oil heating I did not measure it good enough. Anyhow, they delivered the new oil very fast, even on saturday so we still had a warm weekend. And the heating is not a problem, we have airconditioning which can heat, taking a shower is more difficult with cold water.

Especially for our guests, yes, our first visitors arrived just more than one week ago. Erik and Jellie on their honeymoon. That's in fact the reason why I am writing this story, they are now writing the first travel story (they had to do this, otherwise we will not let them go, in Kazakhstan they promised it as well but they did not had time or something). Besides from a flue delay on their site the story is going well. So it will be published somewhere next week, I will make an english translation if I have some time.

But for sure we will publish some new pictures because Erik has a digital camera, every day he makes tons of pictures and dumps it into this computer. Enough for a long time on our photo page.

This is it, I will not write more because anyhow you will have their travel story soon.

See you next week,

Jitze, Christina and Yde
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