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August: 2003

Finally news, about updates on the website and Addy's holiday
Hello everybody,

We are back again with a new weekstory. The past four weeks our friend Addy from Holland ;)) stayed with us in Seoul and if you are interested in what he did during his holiday: read his holiday report on our website. He also made a lot of pictures which we placed under the button “pictures”. We also published a new story from our friends Kees and Silke who live in Pyong Yang, and we are very happy that we have a direct flight Amsterdam-Seoul…..

Jitze wrote earlier about Korean people eating dog meat and now we found out where you can buy this very special meat. The pieces of meat we saw were very recognizable as dog, there were even complete dead dogs with tail, head and legs laying on a dirty table. There was a stall where you could buy living dogs and they “prepared” the meat while you were waiting, this way you know for sure that the meat is fresh. The “dog butchers” were not very happy with foreigners who seemed to be interested in their jobs, maybe they know that we think it’s a little strange to eat dog meat.

To stay with the subject DOG, at our vet stays a young dog without a owner. I know we can’t take a dog but I feel sorry for this animal. So we take her now and then out for a walk because she sits the whole day on a leash. This morning Jitze walked with the dog and he was sorry that he didn’t have Chance (our big Kazakh dog) anymore. Why???
The Koreans are afraid of dogs bigger than a cat. When they saw Jitze and the dog coming they cleared the pavement in an attempt to avoid the dog. Jitze was very happy with all the space so he could keep up his tempo.

A few words about our son Yde: he is doing fine. He misses Addy a bit and when the doorbell rings he runs to the intercom-tv to see if Addy is there. As a substitute friend he has our young cat Oet III, where Oet goes Yde goes too. They’re climbing trees, playing in the sandbox and swimming pool (Oet only get wet claws) and of course toy cars are very interesting. We hope Yde doesn’t start to talk cat language since he is improving his Dutch/English and Korean.

OK, this is it, take a look at our new pictures and read the new stories on our improved website. Bye,

Yde, Jitze and Christina
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