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June 19: 2005

Vibeke's 1st birthday in Seoul.

Tomorrow our daughter Vibeke celebrates her first birthday and today we celebrated it already with a big birthday brunch. We invited around 25 colleagues and friends with the Korean people outnumbering the Dutch. From the Korean collegues Vibeke received a special gift for (Korean) children who turn one year, a golden ring, she even received two 24 karat golden rings. After unwrapping the presents, clothes, toys, books and a puzzle, we started lunch. As usual, I prepared more than enough Dutch food, also 'bitterballen', a typical Dutch snack. Of course we had a big birthday cake with Winnie the Pooh and one candle on top. Jitze made a short movie from Vibeke cutting the first piece and she really liked her cake. It was a very special day for all of us and we really enjoyed the presence of our colleagues and friends. Thanks to Lilly and Regina who helped us on their free Sunday the mess was cleared away in no time. Tomorrow we will have a small birthday party with some other children.

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