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January 20: 2003

Hehe, a new 2003 story
Monday, January 20

Our story on Monday this time because we just received a new story from our friends in North Korea. Click on the North Korea link to see what they send us, veryinteresting to get an impression on how they have to live there during winter time. No oil means no electricity, imagine that it would happen in your city.

Talking about North Korea, as you all know it is a rather hot item at this moment. Almost daily we read about new developments at the political trenches. And we have demonstrations in Seoul on a very regular basis, but so far quiet and traditionally with an incredible amount of riot police. For every demonstrator it looks like they have two police men to watch and control them. Talking about organising things, in Holland it would be impossible to find enough police men but here it is incredible how much they can get on the street. For the president-elected, mr. Roh it is a nice challenge, this political difficult situation with their neighbours, confined to each other on this small penninsula.

We will look at this from a distance, but the reason is a very good one. We are going on holiday in February. The whole month we are going to Thailand. Not original, last year we did the same but we are charmed by doing nothing on a beach, swimming and again doing nothing on a beach. With Yde it’s also easy, last year it was no problem although he was only 4 months, this year it will be even better. He can walk and talk a little bit so now he can walk himself on the beach. Should be fun for us, it is amazing how fast he is growing. We remember it very well, last year in Thailand it was the first time he could roll over, now he is running in the house and trying to climb on our table.

Not a long story today, but for the statistics. We just got confirmation on the arrival date of our next visitors. This is going to be fun. Renaud, Natalia and their newborn and very pretty looking daughter Emilie will visit us in the beginning of June. For Christine a great chance to practice her Russian with Natalia. For Yde and Emilie the first part of the arranged wedding, we are rather old fashioned, :) and for me and Renaud the chance to check night live in Seoul. Nothing wrong with the start of June I think.

Jitze, Christina and Yde
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