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October 13: 2002

Sunday, October 13

What is our excuse for not writing for a long time? Well, for example, we even had to delay our dutch stories several weeks so the English stories were even more a problem to write. I know that it was somehow not so nice but hey, we are not getting payed for it.

What did we do the past month? In September we had two birthdays, Yde and Christina. We celebrated it at our house. Yde had a very nice chocolate cake with of course 1 candle, and I bought a local Korean cake for Christina. And at Christina's birthday we went together (yeah, Yde has a nanny) to a Korean restaurant. Nice food, light, spicy and healthy so they say. After this we went several more times, also with Yde and every time it is a nice surprise. All these side dishes and everything spiced with garlic but delicious.

Our housewarming party is scheduled for next week, we finished working in our house. All the furniture is there and it looks great. This house is nice with floor heating everywhere, big windows which can be opened as a door so you can walk into the garden. We are very happy with the house, our new home here in Seoul.

Other things, we are still looking for a second car. At this moment Christina is walking a lot with Yde because this is the best time of the year to go out. Nice and warm during the day but not humid and cool nights. But when the winter is coming we need two cars. Also the satellite dish, in Kazakhstan we used to have one and here we want to buy one as well. The local channels are not so good, only Korean and so far we talk only two words Korean. Thank you and hello.

On our site we also changed more things, a section for stories from friends who live in North Korea, we are waiting for their contribution but the idea is nice, both south and north on one site including pictures and everything. And the possibility to keep our old weekstories, now we can keep them so it looks even more like a webdiary.

About the rest of Korea, sorry, we did not had much time to discover things besides from Seoul. As soon as we have more info we will write about it. We'll try to publish more but with our small Yde it's just too busy sometimes.

Jitze, Christina and Yde
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