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Aquariums Seoul


Coex Aquarium
Large, beautiful aquarium located at the Coex Mall. Admission: W14,500 for adults, W12,000 for secondary students, W9,500 for children age 4 to elementary age. Under age 4 is free. Open 10:00 a.m-8:00 p.m. Telephone 02-6002-6200. Coex Aquarium (English)
You can receive 50% discount on parking for up to two hours. Located on 2nd floor of the Coex Mall at Samsung Station (Trade Center) Line #2

63 Building- Aquarium, IMAX theatre, and an observatory. Admission for aquarium W10,500 for adults, W9,500 for youth (age 13-18), W9,000 for children (age 4-12). Admission for IMAX W7,000 for adults, W6,500 for youth, W6,000 for children. Admission for Observation deck:W6,000 for adults, W5,500 for youth, and W5,000 for children. Package ticket for all three: W19,000 for adults, W17,500 for youth, and W16,000 for children. Located at Daebang Station (Line #1 Exit 6), Yoinaru Station ( Exit 4 Line #5) or Yoido Station (Line #5 Exit 5)
Building 63 website (English)
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