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Other places to go Seoul

Other Places to Go

Lots of sculptures and interesting things to look at. Great for green tea ice cream and a nice stroll. Jonggak Station (Line 1) or Anguk Station (Line 3) or Jongnosam(3)ga Station (Line 5)

Weekend Getaway
2.5 hours away from Seoul by a nice tidal beach. See www.sky-sea.co.kr

Kyongdong Herbal Market
Jegidong station (dark blue line 1) exit 2. Here they sell all kinds of traditional and oriental herbs and medicine. Next to this market you will find a vegetable market with fresh vegetables, good quality and reasonable prices. While walking around we also discovered the section dog meat. You can choose a dog (still alive) and they will prepare (kill) it for you while you wait. More information.

Yangjae-dong Flower Market
Yangjae station (orange line 3) exit 7. The place to buy flowers and plants and not paying way to much. Yangjae-dong Flower Market.

Janganpyeong Antique Market
It is one of the largest antique markets in Asia. Reproductions and real antiques are sold during weekdays from 10 am till 8 pm. I heard several people bought nice antique Korean medicine cabinets and other furniture for a reasonable price. Try to bargain on the price. Information on Janganpyeong antique market.

Nonhyeon Furniture Street
If you are in need for some furniture this place is worth a visit. You can find modern-, traditional-, oak- and sometimes very ugly furniture in approximately 100 shops and show rooms. There are several shops with imported furniture like children's bedrooms from Europe.
More information and how to get there, click here

Temple Stay
If you like to do something very special and you are interested in Buddhism then a "Temple Stay" can be a nice way to experience the life of Buddhist monks. On this website I found very much information about dress codes, temple food, tea ceremony, etcetera. Be aware that monks wake up at 4am and that they expect you to do the same things as they do.

Little Manilla, Filipino Market place.
There are many Filipino migrant workers in Seoul. The demand for typical Filipino products lead to a market place where Filipino's gather, it is only open on Sunday. They located this market close to the only church where the mass is 'Tagalog' (one of the many Filipino languages). If you want to experience little Manilla to buy cheap telephone cards, vcd's, dvd's or food, take Subway Line No. 4 to Hyehwa Station. Come out of Exit No.1 and walk toward the end of the street. The market is formed along the Hyewha Rotary, from Dongseong High School to the entrance of Hyehwa-dong Catholic Church.
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