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Pediatricians Seoul

Clinic Marie

Eunmi Kim is a very friendly English speaking pediatrician trained in the US. Her clinic also provides the prescribed medication so a run to a local pharmacy is not necessary anymore.
Address: 303 Hyundai Liberty House, 258 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu,140-210 Seoul
Telephone: 02-790 5100
Fax: 02-790 7200

Coming from the Namsan 1 tunnel you pass Hannam supermarket on your left. Go one line to your right otherwise you will enter the overpass and that you should not do, you will end up south of the river. Stay on the lane that will turn left under the overpass and turn left. At the beginning of that street you will find a large building "Hyundai Liberty House" with a big sign on the third floor that says Dr. Sung's Clinic. That is the building you need. Drive slowly on the right lane and you will find an indoor parking beneath the building. Park your car there and take the elevator to the third floor, turn a little to the left and walk straight to Clinic Marie.

NB. Take your parking card with you because they will put a stamp on it so you don't have to pay when you exit the parking.

Seoul National University Hospital

At Seoul National University Hospital you also have excellent pediatricians and as a foreign patient you do not have to wait too long. If they send your child to a specialist for further examination, most of the times you can go there immediately (or wait like 30 minutes), but it saves you a second run to the hospital. An international nurse is going with you for interpretation but most of the doctors speak enough english to explain their findings. During weekends or evenings you can go to the Emergency Room and a pediatrician will check your child carefully. Actually this is even better than a regular appointment. Sometimes you have to wait a while but the pediatrician takes enough time to explain you everything. Medication is also available at the hospital, their farmacy is open 24 hours.

When leaving the parking lot, show your hospital bill and you do not have to pay the parking fee.
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