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Zoo Seoul


Children's Grand Park
Zoo and amusement Park. Especially beautiful when the cherry blossoms are in bloom in early spring. Smaller than Seoul Grand Park. Great for little kids. Zoo Admission W1,500 (April-June, September-October) and W900 (July- August, November-March) for adults. W1,000 (April-June, September-October) and W500 (July-August, November-March) for youth. Ages 12 and under are free. Admission for amusement Park: Day pass W13,000 for adults, W10,000 for children. Children's Grand Park Station (line 7 exit 1) or Achasan Station (line 5 exit 4).
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Seoul Grand Park
Seoul Grand Park Station (Line 4 Exit 4) Admission W3,000 (April-June, September-October) and W1,500 (July- August, November-March) for adults. W2,000 (April-June, September-October) and W1,200 (July-August, November-March) for youth. W1,000 (April-June, September-October) and W700 (July-August, November-March) for children.
Seoul Grand Park
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