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Other usefull information

Mr. Cho's Interior

Interior Renovation Furniture Decoration is the subtitle on his business card. Mr. Cho is doing a very good job on upholstery and I have many friends who had things made by him. He comes to your house with good quality fabrics and gives you advise on which material you should use best for different kinds of upholstery. He speaks english well, gives a quick service and is not too expensive.

Mr. Cho's Interior
President T.W. Cho
122-17 Songbuk-dong
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02-766.6851 or mobile 011-315.6851
Fax: 02-763.6851

Alpha Stationery

For all things like art supplies, toy's, photo albums, wrapping paper, paper bags, all kinds of paper for arts and crafts, things for jewelry making, clay etc. They don't have an english website, but I found this website with a lot of useful information including directions to the Alpha Mart on Namdaemun Market.
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