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Outdoor Recreation Seoul

Outdoor Parks

Yongsan Family Park
Lots of grass and open spaces. Walking paths and sidewalk-like trails. Duck pond and a few caged rabbits and small animals to look at. Parking fee is W1,900 per hour.Walk from Line 1 and 4 Ichon Station (#K131/430) or Line 1, Seobinggo Station (#K130).

Ilsan Lake (Hosu Park)
Large lake with biking/ walking paths. Bike rentals available. Several playgrounds around the lake. Food stands are available. McDonald’s, KFC, TGI Fridays, Ho Lee Chow, and Baskin Robbins are nearby. Located at Jeongbalsan Station (#312 Line 3 ) Exit 2. Turn left as you exit the station (the street signs say Hosu Park). Walk about 5-7 minutes (Mcdonald's and other restaurants will be on your right) until you go over an overpass.

Namsan Park
This park not only has Seoul Tower at the top of the mountain, there are many walking trails, a botanical garden, and free mini zoo. You can reach the top where the tower is situated by walking , by car, or by cable car. The north side of the mountain has a large paved walking trail that is 3000m around the base of Namsan. Go down the stairs between the Observatory and the Botanical Garden. Turn right and follow the railing to get to the paved walking path. It is closed off to traffic so it is great for strolling or bicycling or roller skating.
Namsan park information

World Cup Stadium Adventure Playground
Lake, stream, trees, large paved areas and benches. The playground is sandy and has equipment with slides and climbing frames. There is a Korean restaurant and snack shop available. Go to World Cup Stadium Station (Line 6) exit 1 (where Carrefour is located). Cross over the road and walk to the right of the MAPO building (agricultural and marine products market), turn left into the World Cup Stadium carparks E and F. Walk through the carparks to the lake bear left around the lake, past the turquoise snack/toilet building, past the totem poles, tennis court, and toilet block to the playground on the far side of the lake.

Playground in Hannam
Close to Hannam Supermarket. It has a nice surrounding with little traffic. If you pass Hannam Supermarket on your right hand side, continue walking till you see a Harley Davidson store, turn right in that crossing and continue walking for a minute or two and on the right is the playground. It has a parking space for 5 or 6 cars if you go by car. The playground is not big but nice and not crowded.

Samcheong Park
Near the Samcheong Tunnel and Gyeongbukgung Palace in northern Seoul, has a large playscape, a little shop to buy snacks and outdoor toys and a nice stroller-friendly path through a lovely forest. The path leads to a stream where older kids can wade and play in shallow water. There is also a large, flat soccer field with lots of space to kick a ball around. During school hours the park is not at all crowded.
Samcheong park information

Samchon Park
Samchon Dong. Nice for a stroll, has a foot massage path, a kiosk and playground

Seonyudo Park
This is an island in the middle of the Han river. It was converted from a water treatment facility in 2002 and many of the old structures have been left to form walkways, waterfalls and water-gardens. It won an international award. There are toilets and a cafe with views over the river. There's a small children's playground and a paved water feature which is fun for paddling on a hot day. No charge.
Directions: Leave your car at Hangang park or take metro line 2 to Hapjeong station (exit 8) or Dangsan station (exit 4) and cross over the pedestrian 'bow' bridge. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there so toddlers will need strollers.

Seoul Racecourse
Seoul Racecourse Park has a large playground for bigger kids and a smaller playground for toddlers. There is a lot of open grassy areas for playing ball. There is also a lot of shaded areas available to eat a picnic lunch. A caged area houses a variety of birds. You may even get to see a real live pony! The snack/drink choices are VERY limited on weekdays.There is a nice bathroom beside the playground with a changing table.Seoul Racecourse Park Subway Station (#436) exit 2. There is about a 10-15 minute walk from the parking lot and subway station, so bring a stroller if you need one.Walk out exit 2 and walk through the main gates of the park. There will be a large area map directly in front of you. (the playground is #33 on the area map). Follow the sidewalk beside the map toward the race track area. You will need to cross the street to the right side of the road when you come to large statue of horses in the middle of the road. Cross the street once again and go through the blue covered awning tunnel (the tunnel is #11 on the area map). When you come out of the tunnel, walk straight. Follow the sidewalk and the playground will eventually be on your right. There are bike rentals available. Pony rides and carriage rides are available on the weekends. Races are only on the weekends but the playground/park area is open every day. Admission is W800 on race days.
Seoul Racecourse information
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